he Clean and Clear Essentials range is one that I always return to in times of need and for the past month my skin had gone completely berserk. It was breaking out on a daily basis. I kept on using the Aveeno range, attempting to clear it up, however, it was definitely not working out. Daily I would wake up to painful zits (TMI, sorry guys) and nothing seemed to stop the ongoing torture hormones were inflicting to my face so I thought it was time to return to my trusty Clean and Clear Range and as expected it worked, as it always does. In this post I will be reviewing the entire range, going into detail about each of the products, as well as if and how well they have worked for me in the past. 

First and foremost lets talk about product to value ratio because, for the $14 that you pay, you sure get a whole lot of product for amazing value. You can buy the routine package which includes a foaming cleanser, oil control toner and moisturizer, in most drugstores and department stores. The active acne-curing and preventing agent in this range is salicylic acid. I am aware that some people's skins react better to benzoyl peroxide, however slicylic acid has always worked better for me.

Step 1. Clean and Clear Essentials self-foaming facial wash.

This cleanser is impressive in more that one way. It is gentle on the skin while still "washing away problem-causing dirt, oil, and makeup without overdrying". It easily helps remove my foundation as well as the Mybelline waterproof gel liner that I use on a daily basis without overdrying or making my skin feel too tight. I use it twice per day, in the morning and right before I go to bed and the foaming feel of the cleanser feels like the oil and dirt is just lifting off of my skin. There is no apparent residue leaving the skin feeling soft and cleansed. The cleanser is also Oil-Free, which is a plus for acne prone or combination/oily skin types.

Step 2. Clean and Clear Essentials oil-control toner

My facial skin is quite hard to maintain as I have quite oil-prone skin, while it still being very dehydrated. I have found however that a toner is a complete must in my routine. Toners are one of those products that people often find unnecessary as the effects are not always obvious, however I find that if I have a toner in my routine, my skin will always hold moisture better as well as helping with the prevention of breakouts. This toner does contain alcohol, however, try not to apply to the eye area as it is quite likely to sting and dry it out as the eye area is a lot more sensitive than the rest of the facial skin. It has helped with the pores on my nose, tightening them slightly. I truly love this toner as I feel that it clears my skin further as well is controlling the oil balance of my skin. 

Step 3. Clean and Clear Essentials moisturiser SPF15

The Clean and Clear Essentials moisturiser SPF15 claims that it " moisturizes dry skin, treats & helps prevent pimples". This cream is lightweight and quickly sinks into the skin. It has a subtle but fresh scent and leaves skin soft after use. It has also visibly improved the look of my acne scars and has improved the state of any new breakouts in only a week, and this is probably as a result of its Salicylic Acid content. It is very lightweight and because of that I use it both at night and in the morning as it also serves as a good base for my foundation as it also has SPF properties. I highly recommend this if you have combination oily skin like me, and I truly do believe it would work quite well even on dryer skin types as it is extremely gentle on sensitive skin. 

Overall, I definitely recommend this range, and would go as far as to say that this is my holy grail drugstore acne control range. It is definitely my top pick yet! What do you think? Have you tried it? Has it worked for your skin type?


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Friday, 18 April 2014



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